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Wednesday night yoga class

Wednesday night yoga class

By Colin Agar

So how is everyone…..everybody well?

(haven’t started yet so pretty hard to tell)


Standing poses, forward bends then hand stands for tonight,

(thankfully no backbends, the abs are really tight)


The tree, the warrior now mountain pose

(no “not bad” from Frank, that’s how it goes)


Straighten legs, lift the ribs, relax the face and eyes,

(if that is even possible with fire in your thighs)


Long slow inhalations, exhalations too

(just to keep breathing is the best that I can do)


Everyone come out, except, oh no, just me

(haven’t quite nailed this, now everyone will see)


Relax keep breathing just one minute more

(time stands still,  two minutes for sure)


Finally the word we want and that word is release,

(fold forward for a moment, ten seconds of perfect peace)


Now for the savasana we’ve all been waiting for

(be quiet, still and watchful, and try hard not to snore)


Roll to your right, sit up, say thanks

(just think how fit the world would be………If it were full of Frank's)


The End


About the author. Colin Agar regularly attends Wednesday night yoga sessions at Griffins Hill. He is sheep farmer and part owner of ‘The Gums’

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